Tuesday June 7, 2011


Had my latest CT Scans and Doc follow up and

the good news is:

BigC is Still History!

Unfortunately, my blood tests were less than perfect.

So, I'm going in tomorrow for some additional tests.

Seems my platelets are slightly low

my white cell count is slightly low

and my TSH is high.

stay tuned...

update 6/9/2011: platelets low, white cell low, thyroid ok

****this is normal after chemo****

***all is well***


~Thursday March 17, 2011~

~~~BigC is Still History~~~

It's good to be alive and enjoying every day.

Hodgkin's lymphoma and open heart surgery provided

Janet and me with quite an adventure over the past 3 years.

Add to that Janet's DVT, pulmonary embolism and knee replacement

and we've received an education that we would like to have skipped.

The good news is - we survived.

All is going well now.

We just hold our breath with each doctor's appointment.

I have a cardiologist appointment next week.

Does anyone know how to lose 40 pounds in a week?

Have a great day.


~Saturday December 11, 2010~


Just completed my scheduled CT scans and BigC is still dormant.

The Doc wants me to stay on the 6 month schedule...

I was hoping to stretch it out to a year but I'm not complaining.

Just don't get me near any geiger counters.

The good news is

BigC is Still History!

I can never say enough good things about Dr. Hayslip and the Markey Center.

General Janet is still doing a victory dance

on her new stainless knee.

Janet still hasn't had her second knee replaced but she's doing great.




Thursday May 20, 2010


Janet's bionic knee is doing great.

She's planning to have the other one replaced in September.

...if she doesn't chicken out...

She's mighty frisky with this new knee.

I don't know if I can handle her with another one.


I have a CT scan scheduled for June 2.

This will be my nineteenth scan and if all goes well,

I won't need another one for a year.

I'm sure I must be glowing.

But, it's great to be alive.

Everyone have a wonderful day.


The fun continues...